Do you run a transportation company?

Are you too fed up with catching loads on the market as well as low profitability? Or do you have the impression that for shipping companies, you are “only” a carrier and no entity cares about your problems?

We look forward to welcoming you in Wardin Logistics!

If you rely on reliable cooperation, quick payments and partnership treatment – contact us today!

We treat you on the equal customers’ level

When was the last time the head of a shipping company came especially to your company to talk as equal partners? It is the fundament for us. We know each of our carriers, as well as our customers personally.

We offer you cooperation based on respect and understanding. More specifically? Among others, we take care of your interest (profitability) when negotiating rates with customers. Nevertheless, if something breaks down – please just call us, without unnecessary trash talk we will pretend to look for a solution together.

What can you count on

• permanent routes toward western Europe
• orders for your preferred directions
• various types of loads: for large cars and part loads
• quick payments
• efficient communication
• long-term cooperation
• transport rate is always discussed individually

And additionally ...

You can gain an access to the most professional knowledge in the context of business in the transport and forwarding market. Trainings, support in business model development, substantive podcasts … The head of Wardin Logistics is at the same time a trainer, as well as a business consultant for the TSL industry.

Partner, we are waiting for you!

Contact us and we will arrange the respective details of cooperation.

Dawid Wardin: +48 502 948 482