Are you too fed up with sticking orders on the market? Do you want to learn effective methods of working with clients? Do you have ambitions to become the best specialist on the TSL market?
In Wardin Logistics you will flourish your potential!

Why is it worth?

On the board You do what you are good at (what you desire to develop) with us.

We operate based on the FREIGHT PLANET work model. It sounds complicated, but the idea is simple: we adjust tasks and activities to your ambitions and competences. A professional business personality test, which you will complete at the implementation stage, will help you determine the further actions.

We have an entire training and development program for you

Do you know this joke about the fact that working in freight forwarding looks like PE on the mat? “You have the ball and play.” Do, call, and if you don’t know how, you’ll find out yourself! With us it looks slightly different. From the very first day, we put a strong emphasis on development and training (content-related, business, language courses). Everything is tailored specifically to you. What for? Because we want you to be the best professional on the market.

You work the way you like

We focus on goals and business efficiency. Therefore, it does not matter to us whether you prefer to work in a hybrid system (office / home) or fully remotely. You get tools, procedures, access to carriers, freight exchange markets, as well as customers, and finally, the support of the great team. What else? Your time is too valuable for us, so we relieve you administratively with documents and debt collection.

You have a boss who travels around clients on his own (and teaches you to build relationships)

Our entire company is focused on building and developing relationships with the market. We know our customers and carriers personally. Due to this fact, we are close to their needs. Do you want to develop in this direction? Great! You will learn from the boss himself – the man who personally tours around clients and contractors.

You get the knowledge and tools from Wardin

In Wardin Logistics, we work based on the RINE manual (Rate Is Not Enough). Do you know This is the title of the first business textbook for TSL on the market. In the beginning, you get the whole package: manual, audiobook and book in English for language improvement. Then there is a whole package of trainings waiting for you, which for others is payable whole sum.

We conduct mutual respect

This should be obvious in any company, but it can be different. With us, you have full right to expect respectful treatment toward yourself, your values, the time you spend with the company as well as emotional and intellectual contribution.

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Do you know how to sell logistics services?
Do you understand customers, approach to them, sales processes? Can you operate with real values ​​and convince yourself and the company?


Do you know how to organize transport services? Do you have knowledge about the organization of logistics, documentation handling, offers? Are you ready for great commitment and process work?


Can you bet on cars and organize transport?
Do you have easy communication with drivers and carriers?
Are you familiar with the terms "excell", "calculator" and "working time"?

We look forward to seeing you!

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PS: We offer legal support in the case of loyalty contracts concluded with employers.